Privacy Policy

In short: djwoo does not collect or share personal information. We don't track or profile you.
The longer version: djwoo is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its user community and is dedicated to ensure that your actions cannot be linked back to you.
This privacy policy details the - very limited and non-personal - information djwoo ("djwoo") may gather and our disclosure policy.

What is “Personal Information ?”

Information is regarded as personal when it tells something about a human being who is or can be (uniquely) identified.
This definition stems from European law, which applies to djwoo, and is intentionally broad in order to provide a high level of privacy protection.

This means, for example, that not just names and e-mail addresses can be personal information, but also numbers or other identifiers, such as your IP-address, to the extent that they link other information to a specific human being.

IP Addresses

The IP address that is associated with your Actions will NOT be recorded or shared.
In order to prevent the unpleasant possibility that anything you ever do could be traced back to you via your IP-address, we do not record or share the IP address of any of our visitors.

Data Collection

We don't collect any personal information about our clients.
This is a first and very important condition to safeguard your privacy. If personal information isn’t collected, it can’t be stolen, demanded, leaked or exposed.
you use djwoo, we do not record your IP address, we do not record the playLists or the albums you save, and we do not record your search words or phrases themselves.

Email Addresses

djwoo will not sell or disclose your contact information to any third parties.
When you send comments, questions, suggestions, or feedback to djwoo via email or through our support center, and include an email address and/or contact information, djwoo may use this information to respond to you. By submitting feedback .
djwoo will not sell or disclose your contact information to any third parties. We may, however, very occasionally send emails to our users regarding ITConnect App company information. This service is opt-in and includes the option to unsubscribe.

Phone Numbers

djwoo will not sell or disclose your contact information to any third parties.

Information Sharing

djwoo does not share personal information with any third party, including its provider(s) of music service API.
When you perform a search on djwoo, the search phrase must be sent to the provider(s) of the Music API, so that they can be generated and presented to you djwoo App.
No tracking cookies are used, so there is no cookie information to be shared.

Your Privacy, Our Future

We strongly believe that we have the legal right to safeguard the privacy of our users by encrypting and not collecting their personal information, and to keep doing so.

Given the strong protection of the right to privacy in Europe, European governments cannot legally start forcing service providers like us to implement a blanket spying program on their users. If that ever changed, we would fight this to the end.

Privacy It's not just our Policy - it's our Mission!


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